Pediatric Care

From newborns to school athletes, chiropractic is safe and effective to aid in the developmental changes happening as little ones grow.

Infants and chiropractic care

How would you feel if you were stuck lying in the same position in a crammed space for the better part of a year? A baby’s (and mother’s ) body has been through a lot by the time he or she enters the world. During labor and delivery, a lot of stress can be placed on the baby’s neck, cranial bones, and spine. During a chiropractic adjustment for an infant, Dr. Tara Flor uses gentle pressure of the fingertips as well as vibration, massage and mobilizations to restore joint mobility, relieve tension on the neck, skull and pelvis to restore nerve function.


Chiropractic can help with:

  • colic

  • digestive issues

  • sleep

  • bed wetting

  • latching

  • crawling, walking

  • optimize neurological development

Pediatric Care in South Burlington, VT | Pinnacle Chiropractic