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Muscle and soft tissue work

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Have you ever been to a chiropractor with a focused complaint but wondered why the doctor seemed to find other areas of your body that you didn’t know were sore?

Muscle and soft tissue work | Pinnacle Chiropractic in South Burlington, VT

In addition to adjusting the joints of the spine, accessory joints such as the shoulder, rib, hip, knee, ankle, wrist are often involved in the bigger picture. For example, pain in the neck and shoulder that's causing numbness down the arm may also involve the ribs, shoulder, elbow, and wrist to be addressed to ensure proper resolution. Low back pain with sciatica may also involve muscles of the hip flexors, lower extremity, and oftentimes an instability in your trunk and shoulders.

Pain and the body’s connections

Pain arises not just from joint restriction, but lack of blood flow, nerve entrapment, and concurrent muscle and ligament strain. During treatment at Pinnacle Chiropractic in South Burlington, VT, you may notice Dr. Tara working on the soft tissue components on or around the areas of your pain. These methods may include trigger point release, pin-and-stretch, active release of muscles, traction, stretching, or massage. These efforts are part of our adjustment.

By addressing the accessory components that make up your primary symptom, it's more likely the issue will be resolved to completion.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, get informed, and learn more about your body. Dr. Tara always enjoys when patients ask questions about how they can better take care of themselves.

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