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Pinnacle Chiropractic welcomes Healing Arts Massage!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Healing Arts Massages joins Pinnacle Chiropractic at its Farrell St. location

Meet Jessica, owner of Healing Arts Massage! We are so excited to be sharing our space with her and we look forward to collaborating and working more closely together to offer outstanding care for all of our patients.

Jessica has been a licensed massage therapist for over seven years and has worked with chiropractors, physical therapists and other body workers, allowing her to acquire a diverse skill set, along with the experience that comes from working in many different settings.

As a massage therapist, she is passionate about empowering her clients to recognize and embrace their own body’s natural healing powers and believes in the power of massage therapy to strengthen the mind/body connection. Through massage therapy, she facilitates the healing process by using a variety of techniques, depending on the client’s needs. She specializes in deep tissue, sports and injury recovery, myofascial, prenatal and craniosacral massage. Using her knowledge of muscle and body mechanics, she offers education and inspires self-awareness in her clients so that they can continue self-care at home.

Jessica lives in South Burlington, VT with her husband, stepson, and cat, Hemingway. In her free time, she is an avid photographer and painter. She also enjoys hiking, baking and watching good movies.

Healing Arts Massage is now open and taking on new clients who wish to incorporate massage therapy into their chiropractic care plan or those who are seeking relief from muscle pain, an injury or looking for an alternative maintenance option for health and wellness.

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