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The Benefits of Massage Therapy with Chiropractic Care

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

These two forces used together can act as a one-two punch for efficient, long-lasting pain relief, increased flexibility and healing time, and overall wellness.

Pain relief

Did you know that muscles and ligaments either shorten, or lengthen to accommodate the position to which they attach? This can result in a “muscle knot” or “misaligned tissue,” causing a hot spot of pain and inflammation .

During your visit at Pinnacle Chiropractic in South Burlington, VT, Dr. Tara uses hands-on manual techniques to stretch and loosen the surrounding areas before you are adjusted. However, with a sustainable injury or chronic condition, the faulty movement pattern may require long-term efforts. Dr. Tara may suggest that incorporating additional modalities - such as massage - will help in order to achieve complete resolution of your symptoms.

Pinnacle Chiropractic welcomes Healing Arts Massage to its Farrell St. location

We're excited to announce that Healing Arts Massage has joined our space. Inquire at your next appointment with Dr. Tara about incorporating massage into your treatment plan.

While the relaxation benefits of massage therapy are well known, massage also aids in optimal spine and joint health. By softening the muscles and soft tissue structures that connect the various joints and landmarks of the body, the elasticity of those structures can be corrected so that joint alignment is sustained.

Increased Flexibility and Healing

Additionally, manual work such as massage therapy helps to stimulate blood flow, bringing fresh oxygen to injured tissue, therefore promoting healing, relieving tension, and decreasing pain. Massage therapy uses a variety of techniques to manipulate the muscles and tendons that are causing inflammation and pain, supporting the adjustment.


Adding massage therapy to your chiropractic adjustment, you will benefit from a reduction in stress and tension. Stimulating blood flow and nervous system function together optimizes cell production and even organ function! Additional benefits include increased mood, better sleep, and higher state of functioning.

Start feeling better today. Book an appointment with Dr. Tara online. You can also book an appointment with Jessica at Healing Arts Massage here.

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